Abscess @ Horrorhammer Review

Tyrant Syndicate/Peaceville Records

Overview: Not much can be added to the aura and sound of Tyrant Syndicate’s releases, although I believe Horrorhammer will easily top the label’s roster for a while.
Dwelling in old-school Punk influences and early Death and Thrash Metal vibes, this record plunges into the vile decay and horror that embodied those genres’ golden eras without sacrificing fierceness and malice in favour of over-polished and synthetic sounds – as most of today’s formatted Extreme Metal titles reveal.

Production: Tight and rock-solid, tending to remind World Downfall and Blessed Are the Sick in places, it was recorded at the famous Prairie Sun Studios of Possessed’s Seven Churches fame.

Parting Thoughts: Engaging and vibrant, Horrorhammer will for sure stand as one of this years’ best releases – even though we’re only at its beginning – and will surely appeal to most old-schoolers and newcomers. Recommended.

Peaceville Records


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