Absu Interview

Interview with Proscriptor McGovern

Tell me what’s new with Absu and your other projects.

In the Eyes of Ioldanach. Critics and anthropoids claim that this is by far our most baneful and assertive material up-to-date! I would certainly have to agree with this fact as well. Anyway, we shall tour Europe starting in the third week of January 1999, with Enslaved and a couple of other bands for a so-called “festival” excursion. Also, Shaftiel and myself are currently working on the next 13 songs that will be featured on the fourth Absu album opus, tentatively called Tara at the present moment!
I have just released my second solo album under my own enterprise of Dark Age Productions and Brainticket Music, titled The Serpentine Has Risen, and will begin compositions and arrangements for my third “thothly” opus called 726. I will also begin production for the next Equimanthorn album, titled Second Sephira Cella. Shaftiel and I have started a new project called Heaven’s Devil, conjuring a concoctive blend of “Southern and Blasphemous Speed Country” and I have been invited to session percussive pestilence work for both the newly reformed Necro-fucking-vore as well as Agressor!

Last year you cancelled the release of your mini-CD Thrash Storms that was originally scheduled for a spring release. What went wrong?

We were initially going to release this fucking mini-CD, which was intentionally going to contain the title song Flag of Hate, by Kreator, Bestial Invasion by Destruction, Necronomicon by Sacrifice and Mutilated Death by Black Metal gods Necrovore! As it was recorded and engineered at the same time The Third Storm of Cythraul was recorded we decided to completely cancel the release within its entirety! Osmose made an immense mistake by slapping an official release date on this mini-CD without the band’s dispensation so that’s the principle reason why so many mortals ask about this release! I mean, at the same time, if this was to be released in February of 1997, when … Cythraul was issued, it would have stood along the releases of Encyclopedia of Evil, King of the Sidewalk, Motörpenis and so forth.

Regarding your lyrical influences, on the Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. release you write about sorcery, occultism in general, as well as tarot. Tell me a little about your ideas, dreams and visions for your following releases on this issue.

You know, the Cythraul Klan of Absu has, and shall perpetually be, a mysterious band – yet a mysterious klan. The goal or objective is to inform the entire sphere of Earth that we compose and arrange our songs based upon an immortal and mythological lifestyle. From the beginning of the band’s existence to this present day, we have used the label of “Mythological Occult Metal” because, basically, this is what Absu truly and authentically portrays! Our euphonic structure will eternally focus on what’s most significant in our minds and in our liquid, glass-cased hearts, such as ceremonial/ritual magi(c)k, alchemy/alchemic(k)al sciences, warding, knighthood, tasseomancy/tasseographic rites (especially Sumerian/mesopotamian/assyrian mythology), Celtic mythology and legends and the traits which lead on the way back to our ancestral bloodlust which naturally tie in with the Celtic side of our existence (one adjuration onto the next with our Scottish, mid-Irish attainments). In summary, Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. is the cardinal key to the ever-so-notorious “hidden stone/abyss” in the middle of the Earth. The Sun of Tiphareth is the Sol to the seventh step in Sephir Yetzirah (7 = hidden stone). The Third Storm of Cythraul is the Gaelic, analogical comparison to … V.I.T.R.I.O.L. and In the Eyes of Ioldanach is what “he” forecasts for the three of us in impending times to follow.

I read that you practiced tasseomancy, apart from spreading The Tree of Life. I suppose these practices are linked together but tell me in what do they consist and, grabbing the topic, what sort of authors do you read in your spare time?

Well, I do practice what is called, or classified, as “Allaxitonian Tasseomancy” with female polarity. As any of you might be aware of, tasseomancy (also called “tasseography”) is the divinatory reading of fallen leaves either from a ginger, oak, or birch tree. It’s rather similar to palmistry, yet witches are very known for such a rite. The beginning of tasseomancy dates all the way back to the ancient Middle Ages, when magicians and magus interpreted its attributions from melted wax, lead and other alchemical substances.
As far as any kind of books are concerned, I would have to say that I am personally indulged by The Book of Thoth, The Book of Lies, The Book of the Law, 777 and Konx om Pax by Dr. Crowley. You know, he would have made an outstanding college professor in the magnanimous arts of magic(k) and the Occult in general (like at the University of Thelema perhaps)! I am also induced by such books as the Necronomicon Spellbook by Azu, The Gnostic Workbook by Michael Bertiaux, Walking the Scottish High Lands, The Circle and the Cross, The Celtic Tree Oracle, How to Attack a Medieval Castle and many texts and references an Celtic/Sumerian subjects: ancestry, myths, fables, legends, history, castles, weaponry, landscapes, chivalry, valour, pride and dignity. I also read many books on vinyl and LP collecting, as well as on Metal history. In conclusion, magick is the most critical within my present day existence, because I can use it whenever I may wish to use it: it’s all in the method of how one uses inclination.

Tell me a bit about Equimanthorn, in regards to both musical and lyrical aspects.

Equimanthorn is ceremonial ritual musick dedicated to Queen Ereshkigal, Inanna and the Sumerian undersphere, being the rite that which constructs the musick.

What do you think about playing live and what shows would you pick up as some of your best? Would there be any bands that you would still like to play or tour with?

I honestly fathom touring excursions but, unfortunately, Absu sometimes has vast difficulty in pursuing such cadence. Ever since the band’s initial existence we have never truly had a full, yet permanente, line-up due to the fact that the mortals in our community are swimming in rather inundated intellect levels – not even remotely reaching ours and downright benighted – however, we manage with session members from other portions of the United States. We have been on five tours since the band first originated back in 1989 and I hope to continue doing so until the end of time. We have toured, or either performed, with Autopsy, Enslaved (twice), Vital Remains, Incantation, Morgue, Dead Horse, Entombed, Exhorder, Impaled Nazarene, Sadistik Exekution, Immolation, Inferno, Kathonik, Argentum, Opera IX, Divine Eve and several others. I must say that the majority of all of our live rites have been positive, more or less, so we can clear that out of the way!
If I could possibly tour with acts of my choice, it would probably have to be Root, King Diamond or Mercyful Fate and Twisted Sister – all on the same bill. It’s not like these are my favourite acts in Rock or Metal musick, but I do know what all three acts are capable of when performing live in concert, so it would be rather alluring!

You regarded Decayed, Moonspell and Necromantia as being your brother bands: do you still hold them as such? Tell me a bit about this special brotherhood as well as your take on what you look upon as being their best releases yet.

You know, I am really glad you brought this particular question abound because this is a topic I desperately want to discuss with thee.
I must say that Magus Wampyr Daoloth (of Necromantia and Rotting Christ’s fame, at the time) is, and was, one of the most respected, burning souls of my interacting existence; however, I have not heard his voice or have seen his penmanship for over two years now. He is a very respected musician and I wish him the best of success in future times to come. I also used to be in close contact with Joaquim of Decayed, as well as Tetragrammatron and Langsuyar of Moonspell (I bet a lot of kids forget about Moonspell’s wayward pseudonyms). Our brotherhood between those three mentioned bands – as well as Zemial, Agatus, Order from Chaos, Demoncy and Absu – was more on an ideological plane of perspicacity and I guess I could throw in a musical one as well. For years and years we had all planned to conduct a “special gathering” in Athens, Greece (but I shall and “absu-lutely” will not reveal the secret behind this gathering) and later everything dissolved. It’s a rather long and extensive story so I shall not go into in-depth details!
Anyway, to answer the latter portion of this question, the best releases from the following bands were Necromantia’s Vampiric Rituals promotional cassette (1992), Decayed’s The Conjuration of the Southern Circle and not Moonspell but Morbid God’s Serpent Angel promotional track (also from 1992). I realise that members of Moonspell totally despise this song but, really, it was an appealing Black Metal ballad in my book! I still fathom all of Necromantia’s releases but I am not too familiar with Decayed’s second or third opus and I was slightly disappointed with all of Moonspell’s material after the great Under the Moonspell MCD on Adipocere! I am terribly sorry but I am not a fan or admirer of gothic and vampiric perceptions whatsoever – even though I hold the utmost appreciation for Moonspell as a band.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and, to wrap things up, tell me about your future plans for all your projects and feel free to address any bands worth listening from your area.

I appreciated this interview, Webb and, yes, there are only six good bands in Texas at the present moment: Heaven’s Devils, Solitude Aeternus, Mortifix, Infernal Oak, Roller (masters!) and yes (that’s right), Necrovore! Remember to keep burning the ancient flame!



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