Aeternus @ A Darker Monument Review

A Darker Monument
Nocturnal Art Productions

After listening to it a number of times, I get the sense that Aeternus is neither pulling off the fastest tuneful drapery since the shining Shadows of Old, nor is it pursuing a gloomier tone from the times of Beyond the Wandering Moon; rather, a mild blend of both that in the end leaves the listener less baffled and realized with this new work.
Having left the Hammerheart fellowship a couple of years ago, A Darker Monument celebrates a fresh alliance with Nocturnal Art Productions, but in a fairly placid mode.
Personally, I find this recording to be more appealing than its forerunner, even if the sound is evidently more American and mid-paced, failing to hit you with a fresher colossal flare – something the band did manage to accomplish in 1995 with Dark Sorcery and in 1999 with Shadows of Old (the testimony that made the band reach the peak of its mathematical viciousness).
Even so, this is still a proficient, but somewhat ordinary endeavour from these Bergen lads, which was once more produced by Pytten at Grieghallen studios and later mastered at Strype Audio.

Nocturnal Art Productions

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