Altars @ Altars Review


Overview: Coming from Australia, Altars blend the more aggressive and consistent faction of Death Metal, with moments of occasional Ambient droning on this rather impressive homonymous demo.
Within the mayhem concealed in these five pieces, one will find an agreeable use of old-school patterns that, more often that not, pave the way to the enhanced technicality and intricate structure of contemporary Death Metal – sort of like an amalgam between Morbid Angel and Mithras.
The musicianship is also admirable for such a young band – particularly from guitarist Lewis Fischer and bassist John Dewar – yet there is still work ahead regarding the vocal department (even if those sporadic changes in delivery are rather refreshing).

Production: More than adequate for the format in question, it gives a fairly good conception of the band’s intent, although a more thorough mix would have amplified all layers, individually.

Parting Thoughts: Relatively epic and professional, Altars’ demo invigorates Death Metal’s bonafide goals, while simultaneously adding a new dimension to its infinite vehemence and wizardry.


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