Anatolian Wisdom @ Where the Iblis Dwells Review

Anatolian Wisdom
Where the Iblis Dwells

Overview: Multifaceted, yet not as kaleidoscopic as other bands from their ilk, Anatolian Wisdom have come up with a concoction of the more customary standards of Black Metal on their second full-length release.
As you would expect, Where the Iblis Dwells pays an homage to several northern European bands, where coldness and melody are sovereign attributes, although their craft is not as one-sided, as there are glimpses of an eighties’ old-school archetype on occasion.
The musicianship is strong and fluid, providing a stable foundation for their maelstrom’s duration, yet the vocals tend to be excessively inflammatory in places, but a handicap that will be easily attended for subsequent efforts.

Production: Consistent, allowing the album’s frozen extravagance to shine reasonably well, although it could have benefited from a more balanced mix.

Parting Thoughts: Even though this isn’t a record of extremes – in the sense that its spirit doesn’t try to reinvent or push boundaries – Where the Iblis Dwells is imbued with nostalgia and longing for an era that, for some, might be considered as “anatolian” history, but to others will always remain unscathed and unspoiled.

Anatolian Wisdom

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