Apotheosis @ Farthest from the Sun Review

Farthest from the Sun
Nocturnal Art Productions

Much like Tartaros and Choronzon, Apotheosis is a one-man symphonic and progressive sonic venture; although unlike this couple’s geographic location, Sauron’s somewhat far-fetched and warped creation arrives from sunlit Malta, a place hardly known by any Metal exponents.
Ever since its inception in 1993, Apotheosis’ core purpose is to blend ambient electronic music, with the forceful sound and feel of Black Metal, adding a tiny glitter of Thrash Metal in its overall epic and valiant intricacy. This amalgam of elements has resulted in a pretty exciting approach, offering something unusual in its own distinctive line of attack, while providing a broader range of moods to a genre that has been dry for some time now.
Another remarkable aspect in relation to Farthest from the Sun, is that the four symphonies comprising it, range from approximately 10 to 15 minutes each without ever losing a fragment of their dynamic energy, and they always underline the elaborate and multilayered gloomy sensitivity.
In a nutshell, it’d be appropriate to believe that Sauron has established his own niche with this revolutionary debut and will hardly find any adversities from his peers around the globe.

Nocturnal Art Productions

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