Ataraxia @ Kremasta Nera Review

Kremasta Nera
Ark Records

Overview: From the bohemia of Parisian cabarets to the ancient, yet stirring, Greek sea, Ataraxia have, once again, been able to charm and ensnare the senses with this ritualistic and beguiling mantra.
Divided in fourteen parts, Kremasta Nera is the sonic equivalent to a full-length ceremony in honour of The Great Mother Axieros, the triple goddess of Samothrace’s island (often associated with the fertility goddess Demeter), due to its awe-inspiring and imposing nature, as well as to its reverberant ethnic percussion, not to mention the chants, wailings and vocal renderings of Francesca, which are probably amongst her most fervent and enthralling so far.

Production: Brooding, yet rightly protean, it expresses in detail both human and transcendental spheres, with an adequate (yet distinctive) flair.

Parting Thoughts: To be in the company of Ataraxia’s music, is almost as if being in the presence of royalty, such is the level of magnitude and anima in their craft. Thus, if one day they would be chosen to work with such moguls as Zimmer and Horner (like Gerrard and Enya once did), I would feel there would be more than just a chance considered as a force that causes good or bad things to happen (i.e. luck).


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