Aura Noir @ The Merciless Review

Aura Noir
The Merciless
Tyrant Syndicate/Peaceville Records

Appearing as a sort of visit card for Peaceville’s new Tyrant Syndicate Productions subsidiary (managed by none other than Darkthrone’s evil pair Fenriz and Nocturno Culto), Aura Noir’s The Merciless celebrates the band’s come back and third full-length for over half a decade, since its flaming Deep Tracts of Hell; and far are the days of the Dreams like Deserts mini-album (Aura Noir’s debut release on Shagrath’s record label Hot Records, a ferocious and exceedingly chaotic release, blending two of the harshest branches of Metal and featuring original members Aggressor and Apollyon). Consequently, the band released a couple of albums on Hammerheart Records (Black Thrash Attack and Deep Tracts of Hell), on which the former did trait the individual touch and expertise of Mayhem’s Blasphemer on the guitar; hence, as a good old reliable sprite, he returned for the second time in eight years, to complete the infernal trio with the A duo and to give The Merciless a triumphant sparkle as the household title of a brand new label, created in a rather unforeseen way.
In relation to this new assault, I can barely write anything suitable to explain its nitty-gritty and engaging vibes, as it’s pretty much what the group has been all about since the mid-nineties. And even though The Merciless might be more forthright in sales’ terms – not only due to the fact that it was released how and by whom we know, but additionally because a new unit of followers might blindly seek it out, seeing as it may be considered “cool” – everything from the packaging to the production has (relatively) remained unchanged: adamant, unpolished and untreated.
Therefore, I guess Aura Noir’s trademarks (ire and rage from the old Celtic Frost and Sodom schools) won’t be a disclosure to any proper devotee, as that’s what pretty much did always characterize these Norwegians’ audio bedlam – even if I feel that if a few of the tracks had been taken out (assembling the full-length as an EP of some sort), it’d have made a significant distinction in terms of impact and sonic awe.

Aura Noir
Peaceville Records

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