Autumn Tears @ The Hallowing Review

Autumn Tears
The Hallowing
Dark Symphonies

Overview: Evocative and haunting, yet lilting and graceful, The Hallowing not only arrives with perfect timing, but it also reassures that the more alternative neoclassical sounds of old are still being devised with their own, incomparable, panache, yet allowing pleasurable new styles to breathe within. Having said that, we are now pleasantly surprised with quite a few traditional classical music passages, as well as a good dose of genuine instrumentation – such as oboe, french horns and even woodwinds – replacing the synthetic sounds of previous works. Laurie Ann Haus plays an appropriate and exceptional job in handling the ceremonious choirs, while Ted Tringo has cleverly mastered a formula that was able to combine chamber and classical music without falling flat in sudden idiosyncrasies.

Production: Suitable and clear, without overemphasising the more crystalline and deeper sounds, encapsulating these ten anthems in one big aria.

Parting Thoughts: Originally, The Hallowing was supposed to be released to a thousand copies worldwide but, due to a very large demand that had it sold out within only three weeks, Dark Symphonies decided to re-release it with an improved layout. Need I say more?

Autumn Tears
Dark Symphonies


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