Before the Rain @ … One Day Less Review

Before the Rain
… One Day Less
Major Label Industries

Overview: Once an acoustic consequence of a sharing of ideas and sensibilities, Before the Rain has turned into a forceful and resilient entity within the realm of a rather microscopic Doom Metal scene (i.e. Portugal’s), ever since their inception in the late nineties by founding members Valter Cunha (guitar) and Carlos D’Água (vocals). One may question the reasons that prevented the band to release this work before, but perhaps they found it sensible and wise to do things at their general music’s pace (no pun intended) – something I would definitely appreciate, given the sign of times.
Musically, … One Day Less‘ core substructure isn’t that far removed from that treasured by the more slow, mid-paced Doom Metal groups you may be familiar with, but within the bounds of its firm structure lies a surprising fervour. The instrumentation is a blend of the more morose and brooding Metal techniques, with a pleasantly diversified vocal range and a surprising acoustic interlude that more or less sets a dividing line between the album’s melodic tones (since the second half presents two long, yet not so gripping, songs, in comparison with the two opening chapters).

Production: Seemingly immaculate, yet assertive and forceful, a debut can only sound this good, even if not mastered by Mr. Eberger at Cutting Room Studios (which was the case here).

Parting Thoughts: Probably an unorthodox correlation, but I believe … One Day Less might have done for Portuguese Doom Metal the same that the debuts of Corpus Christii, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium or even Sirius’ did lately for Black Metal: to give new meanings to ambition, hope and hunger, within the circle of national projects and line-ups.

Before the Rain

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