Corpus Christii @ Rising Review

Corpus Christii
Major Label Industries/Nightmare Productions

Overview: Belonging to a constricted – yet prevailing – circle of Portuguese Black Metal bands, Corpus Christii still delivers the goods after nine strenuous years, though this time in a more elaborate and amplified style.
Setting the mood with a rather atypical eucharistic intro, Rising blasts off with Stabbed, the record’s most self-assertive track that combines the best of Corpus Christii’s features: vocal work, speed and foundation (the latter being the finest on any release so far). Heaven Bliss is a song that offers a pleasant blend of Black and Doom Metal, while The Wanderer provides a more mid-paced form – whose preliminary aura reminded me of Thorns’ senior arrangements – even though Untouchable Euphoria should be among the highlights, as it renders a rather engaging Rock ‘n’ Roll segment within.

Production: By way of merging the unpolished with definition, Rising establishes another breaking point in bringing forth the most focused sound thus far, without compromising the harshest and poignant energies enclosed.

Parting Thoughts: Rising gives birth to symmetry and self-possession in an escalating abyss of discomfort and outrage, adjourning one of Black Metal’s scarcest trilogies.

Corpus Christii

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