Celtic Dance Interview

Celtic Dance
Interview with Conqueror

Tell me a bit about Celtic Dance, as well as the other projects you’re involved with.

Well, time really seems to run so fast that we almost forgot when everything started. It seems that everything started somewhere in 1994, but the line-up in the beginning was the one who used to form Dark Prophecy, back in 1991 (even if the style was quite different – more Dark Metal oriented – the feeling was there). To keep it short, we released a rehearsal song (In the Cold Lands…) for a professional compilation tape, which had a great impact in the scene (strange for a rehearsal song, but…). In 1995, time for the demo Goddess of a Thousand Knights, then the song In the Cold Lands… was recorded in a proper studio (with a quite powerful production) for Southern Assault Volume I. In July 1997 the supposed album Ancient Battlecry was recorded but, due to the big rip-off of Shivadarshana, this album was only released in December 1998 on MC format!
Sword Productions was born somewhere in 1995, or 1996, with its first release being The Awakening of Evil demo of Firstborn Evil. Other releases followed, such as the demos from The Sorcerer, Daimonion, the MC album of Celtic Dance and the demo of Summum Mallum; also new stuff, as the MC version of Decayed’s EP and both the demo-tapes of Slain and Elite, will be unleashed in the beginning of 2000. Any band interested in a fair promotion and professional release shall contact me.
Sword magazine has a great history, since it was reconstructed from the sleeping Rotting (if anyone still remembers this). The main aim with its activities is to promote and support every form of extreme music (especially from Lusitânia), even if the scene today is full of envy, betrayers, liars, etc.
Elite is the side project of Winter and myself (a member of Celtic Dance); we are now checking Troll (bass player in Lvpercalia). These projects have extreme views of Nationalism and play elite music for elite minds…

Celtic Dance is quite an interesting name for a band. Who did come up with it and why? What attracts you and the other members in Celtic mythology and would it be possible to assume that your goal has been to convey the “Theomachy” onto a musical genre (such as Black Metal)? Are you also attracted to Gaelic literature?

Aye, I came up with the name and yes, indeed, it is an interesting name. First because we were looking for something original and strange, then it gathers an aura of mysticism related to our own roots.
What attracts us in Celtic mythology? Perhaps its great wisdom and especially the will to be free! Yes, our form of music can be assumed that way, but more into a free way of Metal, since we have always named our direction as Pagan War Metal, as the lyrics are more related with the ways of Celtic fighting and the pagan roots here in Lusitânia.
I am interested in every interesting form of literature, but the main problem is the lack of time! Actually, I am trying to finish reading Portugal Simbólico (Origens Sagradas dos Lusitanos), by Eduardo Amarante.

Your demo, Goddess of a Thousand Knights, received a bit of mixed criticism. Looking back, do you think this was a good start for the band? Also, why did you include Bram Stoker’s Dracula soundtrack theme (for the prologue, epilogue and other interludes)?

To be honest, I am quite proud of that demo; it was something like a mystic key to enter the underground gates, in a time when every band was trying hard to get a place in the world scene. Even if the sound production and music structure could be better, I am happy with the final result.
I think the idea for the inclusion of Bram Stoker’s Dracula soundtrack has come from our old guitarist, Laldaboath. The reason was to provoke something weird and strange in the beginning and end of every song. It would be better to use it done by us, but at that time it was impossible.

Ancient Battlecry
was recorded two years ago, but due to a problem with Shivardashana it only came out last year on your label. What went wrong here and what do you think of it after this hiatus.

Well, that rip-off has come like a fucking endless nightmare, since the band paid everything from the recordings to the layout and, even worst, that asshole refused to return the DAT and cover artwork. I do not like to speak shit on the back of anyone, but it is stupid to veil the truth. After some conversations, Laldaboath and the rest of the band decided to send some kind of death treat to the label, which offended the stupid asshole behind Shivadarshana. Of course that the answer from him was simple and effective: “Fuck off, I will not release your album anymore”. I do not give a fuck anymore, but it is strange that the members involved directly in this incident departed from the band a while after without warning! The album is not different from the others; I mean, it has good and bad moments, but the worst is the sound quality. Anyway, we have been ripped-off, so I prefer not to talk more about this past subject!

Celtic Dance is one of the oldest bands in the Portuguese scene, but I believe you always had a share of bad luck along the way. Why do you think that is and, on the subject, give me your general impression on our scene.

In a few points, I agree with you, but we cannot wait support from everybody, right? What makes me sad is the big quantity of individuals that we have always supported and after a while… you know! Also the big quantity of envy, betrayers, liars, etc., is a fact that divides us, since we do not mix with such disgusting attitudes! We have, are and will always be an underground band, no matter what happens. We will not sell our ass, dignity, honour and pride!
The scene in Portugal has plenty of good acts divided by attitudes, actions and aims, but we still have a scene, even if most of the people are blind. The main difference is that other scenes are more united. Without recommending any band, I will just mention the bands I respect for personal reasons: Flagellum Dei, Lvpercalia, Decayed, Summum Mallum, Daimonion, Slain, Thou Shall Ye Fall, Dark Aggression, Grog, Sacred Sin, Deity of Carnification, The Sorcerer, Majestic, Amorak, Nethermancy, Alasthor and a very few others! Awake and unite under the same banner!

Tell me a bit about yourself and your alias, your pagan beliefs, and your hopes for our planet in the medium, long run.

I believe Portugal (a.k.a. Lusitânia) was always a white country. I am fucking sad to see all these niggers corrupting our culture and way of life. But concerning political views, everyone can call me a nationalist! The reason of my name is quite simple: Conqueror equals everything it pleases me according to my honour code!
It is difficult to live nowadays in this world, thinking and acting like a pagan, but if each one creates a parallel world, then things can turn out different (it is just a question of views). Anyway, to turn back to the old pagan ways during the present could be a disgrace and a big mistake, as what once was pure shall remain pure! It would be honourable to reborn again in the body of an individual with the same aims and views I have today!

The Norwegian scene created tons of clone-bands from the start. Portugal was also permeable to that, but how would you look upon all the side effects? Do you think Black Metal is capable to influence on mass level when certain musicians clearly seem to be at odds with themselves?

It is obvious that you have the same views as I do, but concerning the Inner Circle things could have been done in another way. I do not understand how a “secret movement” turned to be so highly exposed as it was; probably done by great brains, but with kids inside! There are 10.000 ways of fighting Christianity and every feeble religion. By the way, let us stop talking about Norge! It is time to give a chance to other scenes: Lusitânia and Baltic rules.

As you seem to be fond fond of Painting, how did you chose your debut’s? Do you also enjoy other avenues such as Film or Literature?

I like to paint the strangest things you can imagine. The cover represents the valkyries, riding to wherever. They ride announcing our forthcoming album, so it can turn to be strange and complex but, believe me, everything was worked on special views (from the music to the cover)!
I like reading a good book of ancient history, tales and few more but, you see, I do not have that much free time nowadays, so everything must be divided according to that. Sorry, I am not much into Theatre or Cinema, as they tend to be done by Jews and Christians, most distorted from reality, so…

How do you look upon playing live? Tell me about your tour with Ancient Rites in 1996 and others you’d like to point out.

My opinion about playing live is like a brain orgasm if the show turns out okay, but most of the shows are not faithful towards the original sound of a band. I recently went to see Primordial and it was quite different. When playing live, most bands turn out to be much more aggressive, so there are always differences from the studio to a live setting. The lack of places to play live is also a big problem.
The tour with Ancient Rites was splendid concerning the experience we received and the glory to be the first Black Metal band in Portugal to do a tour here with a foreign band. One of my last favourite shows was done with Noctu, in Marquês Rock Club, next to Saint George’s castle – full of people and with a grand ambiance. We are planning to play in some festivals here in Portugal and to do a small tour in Portugal and Spain with Flagellum Dei.

What are your plans in the short run for Celtic Dance and your other projects?

About the future, we pretend to record 4 or 5 new songs for a demo entitled Others Fall, We Rise… and to play some concerts to receive the respect we deserve. The only relevant point for some assholes is that Celtic Dance is still alive and kicking ass.
As for you, comrade, many thanks for this killer and interesting interview! It was an honour to answer it. Good luck for your activities! In gloria, always with pride!

Celtic Dance


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