Corvus Corax @ The Atavistic Triad Review

Corvus Corax
The Atavistic Triad
Dark Symphonies

A somewhat strange and introspective work is what this band has to offer: a music piece that relies heavily on folkloric ambiance, yet involved in epic Black Metal soundscapes that certain Scandinavian bands treasured in the past decade (although with a superior flair).
Composed of 3 songs with a little more than 10 minutes each and a sort of redolent ambient prologue that works quite well in the end (even if it nearly lasts for 3 minutes), the music as a whole doesn’t propose any challenge or deep feeling in the listener, especially after the press releases’ comparisons with Arcturus, In the Woods… or Limbonic Art. There’s a substandard vocal approach similar to Garm’s (of Arcturus and Ulver’s fame) on the opener Son of the Earth (perhaps the best of all tracks), before the band departs on a somewhat cluttered Black Metal trip with passive keyboard elements spoiling its shot at it. Terminus Est continues in the same vein as the mentioned symphony, although that small quandary with the keyboard does fade a bit, since it provides a more “attention-grabbing” logic to the situation, even if the repetitive guitar playing does once again draws similarities (this time to Burzum and Primordial’s). The ending Mystagogue might be perhaps the fiercest delivery of the ensemble with its venomous and lethal vocal lines merged with a barbaric line of attack.
In the end, this is a more than reasonable debut. However, due to the tracks’ length and some lack of freshness for the most part, The Atavistic Triad turns up to be more of an attempt at a potion of several musical persuasions, something that should be taken into consideration next time.

Corvus Corax
Dark Symphonies

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