Cubical Sphere @ Promo 2007 Review

Cubical Sphere
Promo 2007

Overview: Coming from a southern land that gave birth to ingenious entities such as Necromantia, Nightfall or Septic Flesh (i.e. Greece), Cubical Sphere have no intentions to hide their appreciation for the more progressive and avant-garde elements in Metal during the course of the seven tracks that constitute this promotional effort.
There are segments that hark back to the more inspired tapestries of Cynic and Opeth, but when they play outside this trademark, they sound as fluid and elaborate as any young Jazz ensemble would (they really are that skilful). Having said that, it is important to state that they also tend to lose themselves a bit too much in these intricacies, something that might easily alienate the untrained listener.

Production: Unbalanced and contrasting, it favours the more soothing and spirited sections, lowering the body and force of their more extreme nemesis.

Parting Thoughts: Not entirely destined for the more demanding and eclectic devotees of Metal, Cubical Sphere’s promo might be an interesting pick for both “Greeks and Trojans” of Metal, as well as to anyone who is unbiased towards open-hearted and sincere music.

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