Dark Funeral @ Diabolis Interium Review

Dark Funeral
Diabolis Interium
No Fashion Records

Overview: Unforgiving cold and barbaric would be appropriate terms to qualify Dark Funeral’s third full-length and, unlike many of their peers, they’ve been able to remain faithful to their template of old, without losing any of their grip on progression.
Diabolis Interium has also pleasantly attested one of the band’s best savoured ingredients; in other words, their ability to create an undercurrent of atmospheric malice, without recurring to synthesizers – like most of their Nordic associates – which ultimately preserves the listener’s focus and interest on top of an extremely fast aural violence.

Production: Courtesy of Tägtgren’s Abyss Studio, Diabolis Interium sounds as wintry and unwelcoming as any respectable Black Metal work should, yet, attention has been paid to the bottom end levels which helped Matte Modin’s debut performance on drums excel even higher.

Parting Thoughts: An unquestionable buy for both band’s disciples and Extreme Metal devotees, Diabolis Interium is your ideal fix of chaos and ill will.

Dark Funeral

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