Dark Funeral @ Teach Children to Worship Satan Review

Dark Funeral
Teach Children to Worship Satan
No Fashion Records

Despite the rather amusing title, Teach Children to Worship Satan is anything but humorous. Featuring one new song from the group’s next effort (An Apprentice of Satan), this mini-album also includes 4 covers and a live video of the original track as an extra. This new symphony is conceivably one of the finest musical assaults the band has ever written, seeing as it renders a razor-sharp, wicked guitar work tied to a breathless and caustic drum command – enough to scatter the apprehension you may have regarding their ensuing opus.
King Diamond’s The Trial is a reasonable interpretation of the classic in its entirety – apart from a couple of vocal parts that should’ve been better worked on – but replicating his range isn’t a painless job. Slayer’s Dead Skin Mask is conceivably the weakest here, as it doesn’t offer any unordinary imprint from the band. However, the listener has two great rewards with Sodom’s Remember the Fallen, one of Agent Orange‘s best songs, and, ultimately, Mayhem’s Pagan Fears, a classic taken from the seminal De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas album.
In the words of Glen Benton, shorter albums are way better than full-lengths, as they don’t fall short to detain one’s interest after half of their playing, and even if this isn’t one per se, Dark Funeral has undeniably hit a nerve on Dracula’s fang. Brace yourself for The Arrival of Satan’s Empire.

Dark Funeral

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