Darkthrone @ Plaguewielder Review

Moonfog Productions

Polished, even-handed, contemporary and all together surprisingly reliable to its basis. That is how I would briefly describe Plaguewielder, the record that recently stirred so many squabbles for its ocular uprightness. People must learn that Darkthrone is no longer determined on discharging pieces like Transilvanian Hunger or Panzerfaust; however, if they insist to do so, they can keep away from getting their hands on any of the latter albums, because that period is certainly over.
What hasn’t ended yet, though, is the overall musical presentation that still remains low-key, even if, simultaneously, a bit more quick-witted. The performance of both Nocturno Culto and Fenriz lingers staggering, as always, but, possibly, more unswerving, on titles as Command or Sin Origin. Weakling Avenger is the finest, by a long shot, as it features the bitter, caustic and raspy yelling of Skjellum, escorted by the terse and uptight drumming blueprint of Nagell himself.
This whole thing might still grasp the odour of the craftsmanship once created by Fischer and Rogefeldt, but, notwithstanding, Plaguewielder definitely hits the nail in your head.


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