Darkthrone @ The Cult Is Alive Review

The Cult Is Alive
Peaceville Records

Overview: As Michael J. Fox returned to the future, so did Darkthrone to their quarters of yore. Probably to no one’s dismay, The Cult Is Alive is, once again, an old-school record to the core – and, dare I say, their most focused and accomplished in years – that in many ways brings back those unvarnished, crude energies of the band’s quintessential Peaceville trilogy. Too Old, Too Cold, the record’s single-track, is definitely an old-schooler’s wet dream, featuring a rather vicious guitar groove that not only reminds those from Celtic Frost, but also the one on TheSyre’s Terror track (probably a tribute to Eric’s graphic work); plus, Graveyard Slut sounds as Tom G. Warrior as ever, with Fenriz on vocals proudly emphasising his praise.

Production: Not a treble party like Under a Funeral Moon but, in comparison, more cohesive and strong, keeping the tracks’ mandatory and tenacious spirit.

Parting Thoughts: A sequel not so logic to Panzerfaust as most would like to believe, The Cult Is Alive sees Darkthrone’s manifesto making sense after a couple of run-of-the-mill releases, with a firmer grip on purpose and meaning.

Peaceville Records

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