December Moon Interview

December Moon
Interview with Robin Eaglestone

Any news from December Moon?

Trying to get some ideas together and doing a few things with Was. He has, actually, been off at some work in Canada with Infernal Majesty (he might be doing some stuff with them). Basically, just composing and trying out some weird ideas of keyboards, drums and stuff.

How was the overall reaction to your debut, Source of Origin?

It was all right. I wasn’t expecting anything bigger anyway. What happened was that when I first quit Cradle Of Filth, rather than just doing nothing I teamed up with Was and we did a few tracks, and all of a sudden we got this contract offer. We just like did it and got a very mediocre response to it.

How’s Was doing these days?

He’s still doing his stuff. He’s playing in some couple of bands at the moment, in some weird Funk project going; he likes stuff like Frank Zappa.

When you signed with Spinefarm Records, did you intend to just release the debut? And how satisfied are you with their work?

Yes, we only went for one record. When I did that album I was in between contracts, because Cradle of Filth had just split-up with Cacophonous Records, so I wasn’t signed with anything at that time. I knew that Cradle Of Filth would be doing a contract with Music For Nations, so I said I just wanted one album or nothing. And then Spinefarm Records said “OK then, we’ll do one album.” They were the right-size label for that kind of release. If I had tried to get on to a bigger label then maybe people wouldn’t have taken it seriously. It’s nice to see small bands on small labels and bigger bands on bigger labels, because if you get too much of this crossover situation – where you have shit bands on big labels and brilliant bands on really small crappy labels – that doesn’t seem to work as well.

Has any mainstream company reached you yet?

No, because nobody knows anything about it, really. It’s a very underground album and I want to keep it that way – just within my own style of music to please myself.

What can one expect from your sophomore release in both musical and lyrical terms?

The theme will be a lot different. It will be a lot more heavier; still melodic, but a lot more heavier. When we did the last album, we haven’t written any lyrics until we got into the studio and me and Was just got pissed and stoned and wrote all the album in one night. We had quite a big laugh doing it.

Are you a reading person (even on tour)?

I’m really not much of a reader. More of this sort of person who reads to find something out or to learn about something, but I don’t read for leisure. I do like Shelley though, she’s got an abstract view on everything.

From where do you commonly draw inspiration?

Just mainly everyday sort of stuff. I like to write about lots of stuff most people would say is really trivial, but if you put it in a poetical sense, then it becomes poetry.

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