Deicide @ Till Death Do Us Part Review

Till Death Do Us Part
Earache Records

Overview: Melody has never been an ingredient instantly associated with Deicide’s sound. Still, their recent spiritual rebirth has allowed them to push the envelope further, in the sense that their cold-blooded ferocity is now flowing in tandem with harmonies and instrumental wizardry. Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla (of Cannibal Corpse and Iced Earth’s fame, respectively) have, obviously, a lot to answer for in terms of creating new channels of intricacy, but drummer Steve Asheim has also managed to secure the sound’s foundation in duplicate, since this time he also played rhythm guitar with his new associates. Glen Benton’s growl and vociferation continue to be unmistakably displeasing, though a bit characterless and bland by the time the record reaches its closing chapters.

Production: Detailed, resonant and pleasantly dynamic, it envelops the sound in a wholesome package of aural barbarity, giving the sense of an impenetrable, unreachable microcosmic chaos.

Parting Thoughts: Focus and perseverance have played fundamental roles when it comes to breathe new life into Deicide’s world, and Till Death Do Us Part is a fairly good example of said strategy.

Earache Records

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