Diabolical Masquerade @ Death’s Design Review

Diabolical Masquerade
Death’s Design
Peaceville Records

Overview: Apart from capturing the best ingredients from his three preceding full-lengths, this fourth (and last) chapter of Blakkheim’s Horror Metal project heightens all the gloominess and buckled nature on which Diabolical Masquerade feasted upon. Originally intended to be a soundtrack to a film that was, unfortunately, cancelled – of which Estonia’s The Maalten Quartet was a part of – Death’s Design might, probably, be the best amalgam between Heavy Metal and Black Metal to date; not only because it can be as fluid and technical as Heavy Metal can, but also because it deploys Black Metal’s strength to project an aura of mystery and fear throughout the whole journey.

Production: Clear and striking, it adds both body and soul to an epic of extremes by nurturing a sonic manifest where life and death meet.

Parting Thoughts: This album might be the perfect marriage between two styles that, to the majority of Metal listeners, might have nothing in common; thus, it would be fair to say that their wet dream has come true.

Diabolical Masquerade
Peaceville Records

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