Diabolical Masquerade @ Nightwork Review

Diabolical Masquerade
Peaceville Records

Overview: Created by Katatonia’s Anders Nyström alter ego, Blakkheim, back in the early 90s, this studio project was the perfect platform for him to work his darkest and more blackened ideas. Nightwork encompasses all the greatest ingredients that Diabolical Masquerade has been known for: Nyström’s love for the 80s and 90s Black Metal avenues, as well as his fondness for such score composers as Elfman or Goldsmith which, ultimately, turned this record into the cornerstone of his project’s two eras, not to mention the one he has admittedly been most proud of.

Production: With Dan Swanö on board assuring both drum and production duties (even if not at his Unisound lair), Nightwork still resembles that mid-90s conventional Swedish sound, although this new master from David Castillo (responsible for Brave Murder Day‘s) lets all of its sombre and funereal majesty properly come to life.

Parting Thoughts: A link between Diabolical Masquerade’s more unsophisticated previous works, Nightwork captures the nitty-gritty elements of both into an orchestra of harrowing proportions, being a must for lovers of the more symphonic spectrum of Black Metal.

Diabolical Masquerade
Peaceville Records


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