Dissimulation @ Prakeikimas Review

Ledo Takas Records

Prakeikimas is another attempt at combining the aged Thrash Metal vibe with Black Metal’s adamant approach yet, to my surprise, it succeeds quite well.
Starting with a heroic intro that easily takes you back to an old Bernstein soundtrack, the first track more-or-less sets the pace to the primeval savagery and grim vocal attitude of the latter genre. Oddly enough, the drums even remind of Horgh’s former work in Immortal (back in the days of At the Heart of Winter) together with Ventor’s drum licks on Pleasure to Kill. Vocals are usually what you would expect (Skjellum’s “softer” screaming isn’t a bad comparison here) and are available in Lithuanian dialect – but given the fact that they’re on “screaming” mode, it’s quite beside the point. The overall guitar noise is predominantly akin to the barren and heartless racket on which most of today’s extreme Metal is based upon but, then again, I believe this won’t place a big quandary to these guys, as I trust this was deliberately decided on post-production (or so it seems).
Finally, I’d advice Dissimulation to go for an analogue sound next time, as their sort of blasts will forever entail unforgiving approaches in the end, and to do mind the bridges between tempos.

Ledo Takas Records

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