Divine Lust @ The Bitterest Flavours Review

Divine Lust
The Bitterest Flavours

Overview: While listening to Divine Lust’s sophomore record, I remember thinking that there’s a lot of truth on that old saying “one should not judge a book by its cover”, since it can easily be applied to the album’s title, in the sense that its songs are hardly sharp or sour (as its meaning would let you believe). Throughout the eleven songs that constitute The Bitterest Flavours, one is greeted with the traditional moroseness and despondency of both Doom and Gothic Metal, yet room has been made for other elements to thrive, such as inspired violin lines (courtesy of Tiago Flores from the gifted Corvos’ ensemble), female singing, and even Portuguese guitar – a somewhat rare, yet welcoming, trait within the record’s overall aura. As the promotional sheet implies, there’s definitely a sense of that old acceptance of the inevitable or misery in the songs, which is a rather familiar attribute from Lisbon’s history (from where Divine Lust comes from), and the general flow of the music is, naturally, imbued by it, which is only a benefit in this case.

Production: Responsible in its consistency, though a tad frail in places, preventing some of the instruments to assert their passion in full-scale.

Parting Thoughts: Almost suave in approach, but bold in heart, The Bitterest Flavours is a valid investment in Portuguese Metal, which more often than not amounts to more extreme and old-school patterns. Room has still been left for improvement in a couple of departments, even if not in an alarming sense.

Divine Lust

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