Enthroned @ Armoured Bestial Hell Review

Enthroned @ Armoured Bestial HellEnthroned
Armoured Bestial Hell
Blackend Records

Up until now, I was merely familiar with the debut of this Belgian gang (Prophecies of Pagan Fire), an album showcasing that archetypal Black Metal feel of the last decade with a murky and solemn warfare exoneration – at times close to a concoction of what Emperor and Immortal treasured in their early days. However, six years after this distinguished effort, Armoured Bestial Hell took me a bit by surprise, as both the musical and conceptual stances changed significantly in comparison to the mentioned record.
Sound-wise, the band is tighter and crueller with a fearful sonic assault, in tracks such as Enslavement Revealed and Spells from the Underworlds; nonetheless, far are the days of the conventional expressive lyrics in tribute to the Dark Lord, Nature and the fiends of the night-time since, in contrast, both the title and the general artwork excel a more earthly and unreceptive advance, giving a suitable significance to the Extreme Metal brand while disregarding a few fancy electronic or industrial patterns that are frequently used by bands of their ilk.
On the whole, this is not a landmark or amazing work, but definitely one that has spin quite a few times on my player ever since I first laid my hands on it. Neither dire nor grand, but concrete as a rock.


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