Esgaroth @ Monarchy Divine Review

Esgaroth @ Monarchy DivineEsgaroth
Monarchy Divine

Overview: Inspired by a lake-town community of the same name created by Tolkien many moons ago, Yugoslavia’s Esgaroth are offering an assorted musical brew with this promotional effort, by combining nostalgia with freshness in no more than 15 minutes of playing-time. Comprised of three original pieces (one being an instrumental interlude of sorts), Monarchy Divine blends the more symphonic and epic approach of Black Metal with the complexity and technicality it spawned in recent years – by the likes of the more progressive names in the genre – all the while giving a wide berth from falling flat in its healthy reverence and esteem (a clear downside in most cases).

Production: Weighty and detailed, reassuring moments of solid heaviness with clarity and precision; notwithstanding, sequenced drumming tends to get too overwrought for its own good.

Parting thoughts: Rather invigorating and consistent, Monarchy Divine is as forceful for an appetiser as it is, and definitely a positive forecast of things to come.


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