Fenriz Presents… @ The Best of Old-School Black Metal Review

Fenriz Presents…
The Best of Old-School Black Metal
Peaceville Records

Overview: As you may have figured, this is Darkthrone’s drummer treasured selection of traditional Black Metal tracks; but, unlike your standard compilation, this one features not only ancient purveyors – such as Bathory, Mercyful Fate and Venom – but also the likes of new kindred-bands, like Aura Noir and Nattefrost, who are carefully keeping their formulas and spirits intact. Room has also been left for the more exotic cases, like Brazilians’ Sarcofago and Hungarians’ Tormentor (whose I.N.R.I. and Anno Domini works are incomparable underground gems, respectively), as well as for two one-off additions, Burzum and Mayhem (being the former an exclusive appearance for the disc).

Production: Quite heterogeneous and fluctuating, as you can only anticipate in this sort of compendium.

Parting Thoughts: A valuable item for those accustomed to the more new-school sounding Black Metal, as well as newcomers who are still being lured to the darker side of Metal music.

Peaceville Records


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