Gallhammer @ The Dawn of… Review

The Dawn of…
Peaceville Records

Overview: Coming from the eastern depths of Japan, this prodigious female triad have arrived to the western world with an unconventional debut release of retrospective material. The Dawn of… is split into both music and video formats, consisting not only of early demo and rehearsal tracks but also of new songs, as well as a selection of live footage thrown into the mix. As for the former, neither the demos nor the rehearsal footage have enough grip to bear incentive, mostly due to the lack of quality in the sound, which sadly undermines the untapped potential they carry. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen with the more contemporary stuff that which nearly counterbalances things but, due to the fact that it’s available in small quantities, by the time the listener should be utterly hooked is now just a little bit too late.

Production: Overall secondary for the purpose at hand, it is perhaps a bittersweet feature for most of the listeners unacquainted with Gallhammer, but for those hardcore disciples of the oriental triumvirate that would be truly peripheral.

Parting Thoughts: By leaving diametrically opposed sensations on a wide number of extreme music enthusiasts, Gallhammer’s material comes partly as an acquired taste, as well as as a salivating broth of old-fashioned blueprints from a time when Punk and Crust were thoroughly revered.

Peaceville Records

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