Gehenna @ Murder Review

Moonfog Productions

Gehenna has always been a self-effacing ensemble and things haven’t changed that much throughout the years. However, that was perhaps the single unchanging feature, as their sound, concept and aesthetic have been somewhat revolutionised.
For those of you eager to have a female keyboardist on the inlay, or perhaps to those who were craving for another blitz of symphonic Black Metal, think again, as everything on Murder is undeniably bleaker. From The Starn Twins’ shot on the cover – something poles apart from the works of Hamre – to such hateful, but occasionally catchy, tracks as The Crucified One and Master Satan, Gehenna has certainly left its Witching Metal wizardry in favour of a more primeval and premeditated viciousness.
Sound-wise, the whole thing is pretty much unsophisticated, since the album features a very basic and untreated foundation, all the way through the entire tempest.
On the musical front, everything is fairly dissimilar, as there are quite a lot of influences from late 80s’ Death and Thrash Metal to the classic Norwegian Black Metal arrangements; yet, there seems to be an unexplainable energy hardening the whole mix, which strengthens every song’s outcome all the more.
This is, definitely, a band that will keep on facing the trends and approaches of an overly saturated musical wing without ever losing their firm grip on extremity, which is, undoubtedly, a hard task to come by.



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