GOD @ Hell & Heaven Review

Hell & Heaven
KHÆOTICA Sanatorium

Overview: As honourable and high-minded as their vernacular indicates, GOD has created a rather enjoyable and congenial opus from the ethos and vibe that burst from their songs.
Formerly roaming within the gothic boundaries of Metal, GOD have decided to catapult their drive and artistry to a more primeval and fervent sonority – somewhat reminiscent of what is known as Viking Metal – and wisely so, giving the fact that the energy and pulse of their new material is not only extremely gripping, but lavish and conspicuous with enough exoticism and mystique to keep your interest intact.

Production: Coherent and graceful, it reproduces Lapusneanu brothers’ audacity and valour packaged in an ample supply of logic and disorder.

Parting Thoughts: Those who revel in the heart of Folk and the fortitude and might of Metal are bound to find solace in the songs of these defenders of Pagan erudition, onwards to Åsgard.

KHÆOTICA Sanatorium

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