Gorath @ The Fourth Era Review

The Fourth Era

Overview: Inspired by ancient Mayan principles, Gorath is a solo project from Finland, offering almost sixty minutes of the more progressive and adventurous wings of Black Metal.
Gorath’s foundations are clearly based in the standards of Norwegian Black Metal, although there is a will to progress into more uncharted territory, which is easily manifested in the atmosphere within the songs. Occasionally, there are segments which suffer from a few technical obstacles, such as the programmed drum work but, overall, the musicianship is tight and its complexity is able to be raised effortlessly due to said security.

Production: Mediocre and, more often that not, blurry, making things easier for the competition.

Parting Thoughts: Being Gorath’s second full-length effort, The Fourth Era should have raised the bar higher, but even if the mixing duties of Raf (of Ancient Rites’ fame) are surprisingly modest and below par, the album is still reasonably interesting – even for the more conservative listener who might have a good excuse to check it in the form of a cover of Mayhem’s seminal Buried by Time and Dust.



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