In Tha Umbra @ Nigrium Nigrius Nigro Review

In Tha Umbra
Nigrium Nigrius Nigro
Agonia Records

Overview: Exotic, progressive and inconstant would be appropriately fitting adjectives to classify this record, but only in a global sense, since there’s more to Nigrium Nigrius Nigro than meets the eye.
The band’s third full-length spans a variety of styles and approaches that, apart from the more corrosive and harsh moments, would easily place it among some of the most engrossing names in the progressive, melodic Metal industry.
In a sense, the band’s Metal approach isn’t that far removed from Swedish standards; not only due to Diaboliih’s hoarse delivery and the more technically escalating instrumental section but, when they dabble in beautifully acoustic transitions and elegant ambient bits, you have to level with the far-reaching potential herein concealed – such is the case with the rather vigorous and fierce Once Atrocity Has Hacked Upon Daylight’s Throat, as well as Finis Abyssvm‘s solemn beauty.

Production: Rather messy and ineffectual in caustic moments, serving as an impediment to taste the album’s power in full potential.

Parting Thoughts: Apart from the impairment in sound, Nigrium Nigrius Nigro is bold, fathomless and quite mystifying – qualities that the future will certainly underline with massive strength.

In Tha Umbra


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