Katatonia @ Brave Murder Day Review

Brave Murder Day
Peaceville Records

Overview: Considered by many as the band’s landmark release, Brave Murder Day encapsulates the necessary ingredients for a long musical journey within the confines of the best Darkened Doom Metal the 90s have offered. Characterised by the song-writing and atmospheres of the preceding For Funerals to Come… EP, Brave Murder Day is the perfect bridge between Katatonia’s sonic recipe of old (melting Gothic and dark overtones with classic British Doom Metal) and its gradual ascension to a more contemporaneous Rock approach, with tracks such as Brave and Day, respectively, suiting the description. Noteworthy is also the appearance of Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt on vocals, enhancing even further all the gloom and melancholy of these six brooding tracks, and the inclusion of the band’s Sounds of Decay EP as a bonus.

Production: With an appropriate master for good measure, the sound is now shining like a new penny; not only does it give detail to the romantic decadence portrayed in its length, but it also enhances the harsh, sad and twisted revolt concealed.

Parting Thoughts: Brave Murder Day may well do the same for Doom Metal as In the Nightside Eclipse or Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious did for Black and Death Metal, respectively, so even if you own Avantgarde Music’s version, wait until you hear it properly cooked.

Peaceville Records

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