Katatonia @ My Twin Review

My Twin
Peaceville Records

Apart from a couple of compilations released in the last few years, Katatonia has been away from compositional duties ever since the seminal Viva Emptiness hit the streets three years ago.
As the previous Tonight’s Music single, My Twin appears as a small taster of what the listener will find in the upcoming full-length The Great Cold Distance, by featuring a homonym new track – and its twin particular mix – as well as a couple of exclusive b-sides left for good measure.
Recorded at Fascination Street Studios, in Sweden, and later mastered at the famous Cutting Room, in Stockholm, My Twin ensures that, in comparison to their preceding effort, the band has opted for a similar sounding production, yet more grounded and focused, which only accentuates these four spacious and cold (no pun intended) new songs.
As for the tracks, My Twin is a particularly good one, with a structure more or less akin to Ghost of The Sun – but possibly less desperate and ruthless – and the “opium dub” version is rather absorbing, as it adds a buoyant and pensive mood to the song’s contemporary Rock approach.
Regarding the b-sides, they sound somewhat uninspired and banal – being Displaced the worst of the two – even if I have to admit that Dissolving Bonds has a quite good rhythm section and an occasional inspired vocal work.
Even if the album’s track is pretty good and enjoyable, the whole release doesn’t live up to my expectations, so I would recommend it for die-hard enthusiasts and curious listeners only. Kudos for Travis Smith’s artwork, as is, once again, commendable.

Peaceville Records

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