Katatonia @ The Great Cold Distance Review

The Great Cold Distance
Peaceville Records

Overview: Having been able to catch a glimpse of their recent sonority last year with My Twin, I was already prepared for what they would bring with this new opus, yet, I never imagined how far they would come in terms of amplifying the sound-writing.
Without wanting to be redundant, The Great Cold Distance isn’t a massive departure from what Katatonia have been treasuring in their “second era”, but it encompasses all the best ingredients from this age. The contrast between melancholy and fierceness is at its best on the opener Leaders, while July renders more disconsolate and woeful feelings without losing any vigour in its approach. All of these vibes are impressively enfolded, almost in a bipolar sort of manner, as if they had found the formula for expressing both tragedy and power in one single package.

Production: Weighty and clear, it delivers the required dose of strength and definition, much like the preceding single before.

Parting Thoughts: To be perfectly blunt, there couldn’t have been a more fitting title to describe my impression of Katatonia’s “recess” after Discouraged Ones, and I’m thankful that this record has proved me how far they have come in terms of mastering their templates of old with a more congenial style.

Peaceville Records

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