Khold @ Masterpiss of Pain Review

Masterpiss of Pain
Moonfog Productions

This crew is composed of former elements of other Norwegian Metal ensembles as Tulus and Valhall and, if you take into account that the first mentioned gang released Evil a year before, then you may be sentient of what Masterpiss of Pain is overall made of.
The music sounds very aged and archaic when compared with the one treasured by label mates Darkthrone in its earliest efforts for Moonfog but, somehow, never as elderly in production. It is essentially focused on mid-tempo pieces with thick riffs, escorted by a vocal deliverance fairly keen to the one of Nocturno Culto – even if more hazy and fruitless. Alike the untimely efforts of Ulver and those of several other brethren, Khold also uses its native vernacular on the lyrical plane, which can be regarded as a vantage all the way through the ten hymns of this freezing musical ordeal.
In conclusion, I can merely state that Evil is a superior alternative, although Khold is finer than most of its peers in the field.


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