Khold @ Phantom Review

Moonfog Productions

Firmer and more resolute than its predecessor, Phantom is, certainly, a step ahead for Khold, a band still reliable to its murky fortitude with dour and ominous foundations. Fra Grav til Mørke (From Grave to Gloom) can be seen as tad of a departure, as it relies a great deal on haste and belligerence, much like a sophisticated and unsoiled edition of any of the mantras presented on Under a Funeral Moon (it remains “Darkthrone”, as you can notice), as well as the two opening cuts that are more systematic, to an extent, while sounding more like a refurbished or transformed side of Black Sabbath and Motörhead. Sadly, the two final moments are not equivalent to the standard proffered in the preceding ones but, by this point in time, the listener is tattered by the steep efficiency of the whole dissonance.
As the British might say, at the end of the day this is a venerable work; not by revolutionising the definitive genre under discussion, but by assembling a harder toil to those who strive to duplicate its leading benchmarks.


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