Lady Morphia @ Essence and Infinity Review

Lady Morphia @ Essence and InfinityLady Morphia
Essence and Infinity

Overview: Modern Folk and occasional Rock ‘n’ Roll structures meet in a rather moody scenario under some twists of wavy atmosphere; at least, that would be an agreeable illustration of Essence and Infinity, a record that should please those into the aforementioned branches.
Through graceful and earthly ballads, Lady Morphia rifle through the legacy of such acts as Of the Wand and the Moon and Death in June, with the aim of bringing a hazy and enjoyable ambient to the listener to let him drift away in dreamy soundscapes. However, when they bring modern Rock patterns into the context, on occasion, the wholesomeness of the journey gets to be a bit scattered in the leading sonic design.

Production: Reasonable and generally balanced with enough space for ephemeral resonances to breathe, yet losing some vigour in weightier sections.

Parting Thoughts: Apart from the aforementioned handicap and the booklet’s tragic layout, Lady Morphia’s second full-length is a auspicious, medium-term guarantee on the project’s fairly daring ethos.

Lady Morphia

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