Le’ rue Delashay @ The Law of 8ve Review

Le’ rue Delashay

The Law of 8ve
Root of All Evil Records

Do you remember the alluring, poignant and psychotic works of Charmand Grimloch’s The Thrill and Mr. Doctor’s Devil Doll? Then you may have a notion of Le’ rue Delashay’s sonic avenues that venture into colossal plains of classical music whilst, simultaneously, exploring the elaborate drapery of horror and mystery soundtracks.
The Law of 8ve conjures up atmospheres of dread and diabolical discomfort, in a journey throughout 14 symphonies that surrounds the listener as if a mental murder mystery was being channelled by its waveforms, harmonies and dissensions. The stateliness of this third recording is truly mesmerising, as if Le’ rue wanted to convey these primary patterns and structures all the way through a haunting hallway of a tormented spirit and deeper into his mind’s subterfuge. These symphonies have the principle of a complex arrangement, wherein lies an authentic cavern of knowledge enticing the mind to discover the ineffable recesses of one’s own subconscious – it does defy oneself in its full length. And even if the whole record contains one or another lesser shot at sequencing infatuation, it is by no means flaccid background music due to its bewitching supremacy and otherworldly loom.
Distressing, uncomfortable and gargantuan, or the root of all evil, by other means. Within thee cosmic spheres, even demons dare to dance at an aetheric fibonnochian re-sequencing.

Le’ rue Delashay

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