Limbonic Art @ Legacy of Evil Review

Limbonic Art
Legacy of Evil
Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records

Overview: After an interval of five years, possibly spent in a galaxy far, far away, the Norwegian duo return to the fold with another relentless and vicious testament, in what some have already called “Wagnerian Black Metal”. But even if Legacy of Evil has its share of symphonic and epic keyboard lines, generally it doesn’t allow room for atmosphere to breathe given the tempo-level in the songs.
There’s enough diversity and moderate complexity throughout these ten tracks, which is something important in terms of getting interest renewed and encouraging one to enjoy the ride till the end. However, one of the shortcomings is still evident by using a drum-machine at this pace, because, as dynamic and relentless as it gets, it sounds a bit too thin in the end.

Production: Reasonably and moderately intense. A leap from the previous record, given the fair assistance in mastering by the habitual Tom Kvålsvoll.

Parting Thoughts: At a time when the more symphonic avenue of Black Metal tends to get bland and dreary, Limbonic Art returns with a slab of inflammatory material that might help getting things easier for those who rejoice in nostalgia with this compelling cosmic brew.

Nocturnal Art Productions
Candlelight Records

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