Madder Mortem @ Desiderata Review

Madder Mortem
Peaceville Records

Desiderata, the band’s fourth full-length, marks Madder Mortem’s new allegiance with Peaceville and in a somewhat stronger way than I initially imagined. Having seen these Norwegians opening for Opeth three years ago, I wasn’t really that impressed with their set. However, this album kind of proved me wrong.
Recorded a couple of years ago at Space Valley Studios, owned by Mr. Zet of Ram-Zet’s fame, this record suffered a complicated birth, given that it was originally thought to be released by by the band’s former label, Century Media, but, with their latest label-union, it was feasible for the band to remaster it last September, at Tailor Maid Studios.
Composed of twelve new songs, Desiderata showcases all the required ingredients to appeal the needs of larger Heavy Rock and modern-day Metal crowds. Agnete is sounding much more invigorated, which M for Malice attests, and Mads’ drumming is really remarkable throughout the sonic fest (Hypnos being one of the highlights in this regard. Both My Name is Silence (chosen for a promotional video shoot) and Plague on this Land must be two of the strongest tracks here, even if they don’t outrank the others’ scorching stream of fortitude.
Despite the album being too accessible in terms of openness and immediateness for my taste, Desiderata should be regarded as an affirmative group effort from a band that is clearly willing to make a stand in today’s dull and second-rate music industry.

Madder Mortem


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