Malfeitor Interview

Interview with Fabban and Hell-IO-Kabbalus

What fired Malfeitor’s foundation and how do you look upon what you have achieved so far?

Fabban: It’s important to clarify that Malfeitor is not such a side-project for all of us, but more than just a band. Malfeitor is like a family for me. I decided to form this band in order to express my lyrics while creating extreme old style shit – something really rare to listen nowadays. I think that when I need something that doesn’t exist, it’s better to create it instead of loosing time.

Unio Mystica Maxima features a gripping blend of ominous and transcendental atmospheres with prodigious moments of harsh ferocity. Lyrically and musically, what were the catalysts or incitements that helped bringing it forth and how long did the process last before making it available?

Fabban: I really don’t know… We are not the kind of musicians who create albums on a table, we simply write music following our own instinct, taste and feelings, inspired by our lyrics.

Satanism has been the prime matter of Black Metal since its inception, although the term’s interpretation and meaning tend to gravitate within its circle with considerable frequency. Seeing that you tackle subjects such as Black Magic and the Left Hand Path in your lyrics, would it be fair to assume that your allegiance is more religious and theological rather than, irreverently, philosophical? How do you look upon the work and strategies that LaVey’s Church of Satan has established and is still set to keep accomplishing?

Fabban: I think Black Metal MUST be connected with the Left Hand Path and the occult side. Satanism is another big thing and we could open a new discussion about it. My personal connection with the dark side can be considered both philosophical and “real”; I mean, it’s not a religion, but a way to find the light through the darkness. I consider and I pay attention to both light and darkness, like Sephiroth and Qliphot, Good and Evil. It’s stupid to call it “religion”, since it’s just a point of view on life and existence.
I really don’t care about LaVey or the Church of Satan – I’m an individualist. I just care about myself and I really don’t need to be a part of any religion, sect or movement. I think Man must be the god of himself and I don’t give a fuck about other religions – I simply don’t care. I care about my life and my own ideas and philosophy, and that’s why I prefer not to talk about private beliefs of mine with people I don’t know; I just don’t want to share so much with others. Many people constantly look for a god to pray; it’s like they’ve lost their glasses but they have them on their head, it’s just they don’t recognise them. In my head there’s my own god: myself.

Hell-IO-Kabbalus: Well, first of all, I want to state that everyone in the band has their own opinions on this matter. We are four individuals so, even if we have the same commitment regarding the project Malfeitor, we have different points of view. I won’t define our allegiance as religious or theological, but rather philosophical in its literal meaning – as in “love for knowledge” or even “gnostic”. It’s a process of self-purification through a descent to darkness, in order to find the archetypal knowledge, the real self, unbound from all the illusions that our mind uses to keep us in this cage in order to unleash the full power of the mind and become the demiurge of our existence.
I am not interested in the works of LaVey and I hate the need that most people have to share a belief with others. The path towards knowledge is strictly individual and does not need rules or dogmas or any kind of external influence or association.

In contrast to the more contemporary aspects of Black Metal, the aesthetic that swathes both your layout and photos is reminiscent of the more classical elements that helped to define it. What impelled you to lean in this direction and how do you look upon its urban and dissipated impression of today?

Hell-IO-Kabbalus: It has been something quite natural; the music was supposed to match the obscure feel of the early Black Metal bands – even in our own way and taste – while paying attention to how the genre evolved in these last fifteen years and not just copying the old stuff. However, I really like all kinds of experimentations and avant-garde music but, unfortunately, in this scene there are so many people who are really narrow-minded due to their need for dogmas and false certainties.

What drove you to cover Mysticum’s Black Magic Mushrooms, a song from their exceedingly seminal debut?

Fabban: It’s my/our way to pay honour and respect to Ravn, Preben Mulvik (aka Prime Evil) and Mysticum, who are close friends of mine, great musicians and pioneers of Industrial Extreme Metal. I promised him to play a song from Mysticum and I did it. We also performed this song on stage in Oslo – both me and Preben did the vocals. A great experience and a great memory.

Unlike the more conservative cases, Unio Mystica Maxima has been released by Scarlet Records. How did the cooperation occur and are you pleased with their work?

Fabban: Useless to talk about the past, man. They did a cool work for us, but I have no idea about how much did Unio Mystica Maxima sold. They did a massive propaganda for Malfeitor, but the album talks about itself. Personally, I think it’s a very good album.

All the members in Malfeitor are known to have parallel projects. What are their current developments and how’s the synergy flowing in Aborym with Bård G. Eithun?

Hell-IO-Kabbalus: Actually, I am working with Fabban and Bård on the new Aborym stuff. I believe that we’ll have the album ready before the end of this year. I can’t tell you much about the music yet, but it will surely be something very negative and wicked.
About my other project, Kalki Avatara, we will have an album out these days through the Canadian label Shaytan Productions and Plastic Head Distribution. We’re also going back to the recording studio by the end of the month to record a new promo.

What are the aims set for Malfeitor in the medium-run?

Hell-IO-Kabbalus: We’ll be promoting our new album, Incubus, which is going to be released in May by Agonia Records – both with live performance and interviews – in order to spread Malfeitor’s sonic black magic everywhere we can.

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