Marilyn Manson @ mOBSCENE Review

Marilyn Manson
Interscope Records/Universal Music Group

mOBSCENE is the brand new single from the band’s forthcoming album, The Golden Age of Grotesque and, according to the hottest events in the band’s ground, this marks a nearly state-of-the-art new approach to their concept, aesthetic and music. This song isn’t that far disconnected from such ear-catchy titles as The Fight Song or Disposable Teens – both presented on the band’s preceding endeavour – given that its Industrial Rock patterns walk hand in hand with what the band wrote earlier on those two specific gems. However, this is by no means an off-putting indication, as mOBSCENE is just as enjoyable and rasping as you’d expect it to be. Plus, you can count with a rock-solid and weighty production, courtesy of Manson himself and new Swedish recruit Tim Skold.
Just to draw it to a close, this single comes with both the album version and the clean edit, particularly fitting for those fundamentalist media promoters who can’t bear the fact of having their medium fouled by such a word as “fuck” (this would be a fine parallel to Wrapped in Plastic).

Marilyn Manson
Universal Music Group

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