MindGrinder @ MindTech Review

Nocturnal Art Productions

MindGrinder is another Norwegian addition to the Nocturnal Art Production’s roster, including an ex-member of Source of Tide, Windir and Zyklon. Founded in 1996, this trio comes from its label’s previous homeland of Notodden, from where Emperor, Peccatum and Zyklon come from.
Personally, I was neither staggered nor displeased with MindTech, as it doesn’t provide anything new to the field it intends to assert itself (extreme Metal), even if it encloses a vigour and dynamic of its own. It’s evident that there’s been a tendency going on in the last few years, with bands like Myrkskog, the former Sirius and Zyklon pushing the envelope, but only to be followed by other groups in that scene. However, neither the fact the album is four years old now nor the setbacks with the band’s former label have made the material less genuine. Simply, it didn’t strike me as it probably should.
Nowithstanding, there’s potential here, particularly in the guitar department which, occasionally, can blow you away for its sheer and vibrant work, as well as in the somewhat synthetic drum lines.
Altogether, MindTech offers you ten cuts of vicious and severe Heavy Metal that feature a sort of amalgam between Morbid and Angel and Zyklon, combined with old-school classic arrangements, courtesy of a Akkerhaugen Lydstudio’s production.

Nocturnal Art Productions

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