Myrkskog @ Superior Massacre Review

Superior Massacre
Candlelight Records

As Candlelight put it, this is indeed a “highly anticipated recording” from the masters of ultramodern cruelty. Having the band condensed to a three-piece wasn’t a quandary to Destructhor (vocalist, lead and rhythm guitarist), Secthdamon (drummer) and newcomer Demariel (bass player), as they’ve surpassed not only themselves as songwriters but also the overall musical blast.
Featuring less electronic supplements than the former release, this new record conveys an evident worry in achieving a more straightforward and uncompromising approach, possibly culminating in what is to be regarded as one of the most vicious and ear-crushing Norwegian albums to date (along with Discipline and World ov Worms). Compared to Deathmachine, Superior Massacre is definitely less streamlined, as the new production is also far less muddled which helps the listener to perceive all the layers effectively this time. However, after the fifth or sixth track, the record seems to lose a bit of its early glitter, as everything gives the impression to be fairly similar and overdone, leaving a lesser effective level of completion.
All things considered, I believe this will be a much talked album in months to come, with solid proofs of individual creativity that will certainly set the band as one of the key elements in Norwegian Death Metal.

Candlelight Records


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