Nachtmystium @ Doomsday Derelicts Review

Doomsday Derelicts
Candlelight Records

Overview: Most contemporary Metal is generally imbued by some sort of sterile accessibility or uninspired compositional stances. Fortunately, we still have bands like America’s Nachtmystium to attest that it’s still possible to convey the spirit of old by using nowadays’ technological improvements.
Recently recorded at Chicago’s Electrical Audio Studios (owned and managed by Steve Albini, known for his work with Nirvana), this EP features four new songs that have sprung from a pot of Blackened Thrash Metal and Rock with an aura of mild hallucinatory proportions, conveying a rather convincing and invigorating aural experience.

Production: Conscious and mature, it allows archetypal elements and tapestries to flow both gently and harshly within techniques of latter-day’s engineering possibilities.

Parting Thoughts: Doomsday Derelicts is a dynamic and exciting alternative for those who seek moments of Black Metal’s more metaphysical nature, channelled through the same vortex of Rock and Thrash Metal’s more concrete complexion.

Candlelight Records

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