Nex @ Zero Review

Next Horizon Records

Overview: Not as stirring or despondent as their subjects of praise, Sweden’s Nex are channelling morose Doom Metal dirges in reasonable fashion with feel, even if their debut is merely constituted by five original songs.
Zero is, evidently, a homage to the original British Doom trinity, yet the tone is more reminiscent of countrymen Candlemass which, altogether, helps to define Nex’s woeful racket. However, notwithstanding the rather cohesive and strong musicianship displayed, the aura of the album is more global than isolated in each song, of which a contrary theory would be preferable, giving the sluggish nature of the structures. Regardless, and for a premiere of this consistency, no real harm was done.

Production: Absorbed in fidelity and competence, Zero sounds reasonably Swedish keeping its universal strength unspoiled.

Parting Thoughts: Tore Stjerna has been on the forefront of a number of Sweden’s Black Metal exports, both as a musician and as a producer, but his attempt at scoring at Doom Metal’s tradition with Zero is more than accomplished, even if room has been left for development and dynamics. Kudos to the unpredictably mercurial Darkthrone cover.

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