Nicodemus @ The Supernatural Omnibus Review

The Supernatural Omnibus
Dark Symphonies

For those unacquainted with its background, Nicodemus is the creation of Christopher Morris, a Californian instrumentalist, who had previously released an album under his Dark Throne Music label entitled Tales of the Lovelorn & Necromantic. A couple of years later, he slotted in a few other musicians in its universe and he also signed a deal with Dark Symphonies, which gave him the chance to release this encircling musical experience.
Musically speaking, this is nothing more than a pretty meagre Metal brew, containing ingredients from such bands as Cradle of Filth, The Sins of Thy Beloved and Theatre of Tragedy in its formula. Having established that, the male and female singing parts are truly typical, in addition to the buffoonish high-pitched shouting. In the guitar unit, things don’t get better, in view of the fact that their power is tremendously insipid, providing a thin base for the whole thing (and not even the synthesizer helps things to get much brighter either).
Personally, I don’t feel Nicodemus should take the Metal route, since that’s precisely where the band falls flat. When they seek to be more subtle in slower sections they seem to emerge from the patchiness they’ve tried to produce in all levels, but by now almost an hour has passed by and the listener’s certainly puzzled in search for a motive to give explanation for the album’s audition.

Dark Symphonies

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