Novembers Doom @ The Knowing Review

Novembers Doom @ The KnowingNovembers Doom
The Knowing
Dark Symphonies

It’s nearly thorny for me to write down an objective review due to the fact that this is a “love or hate” piece, since the album in question is a colossal, brilliantly varied one that enraptures the listener in numerous layers of moods, emotions, and an approximately lucent, but otherworldly, heaviness.
It’s evident that the band gained acquaintance of quite a few tricks from the British trinity (i.e. Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost), still, this assembly of mourners manages to generate a sound of their own with no exterior interferences, in a time where the mainstream musical leanings are poles apart, and I think that’s worth a reasonable sum of praise. One thing I truly valued on the vocal section was that the words were still decipherable, regardless of being spewed forth in a growling style (rather atypical, as you may perhaps agree) and both the clean male and female croons are adequately temperate, carrying a moderate tone all together. Moreover, the instrumental branch is pretty strong, as it doesn’t sink itself in any of the extremes commonly evident within this brand of tunes and I’m sure that must have happened that way due to the effort laid down on the production phase, as the whole thing has its appropriate place and precision.
Final comments aren’t simple to pinpoint, but, frankly, I trust these guys have vast potential and determination to stand sideways with the elite, or even beat it in upcoming circumstances – in particular judging for what the above cited bands are presently discovering.

Novembers Doom
Dark Symphonies

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