Onirik @ Spectre Review

Nightmare Productions

Overview: No subtleties or lavish traits are to be found on Gonius Rex’s latest full-length: rather, an unbending, nihilistic Black Metal strategy with no room for development or additional intricacy; a deliberate and headstrong stance, as Spectre sounds exceedingly bleak and untreated. Be that as it may, it casts aside any chance of commitment from the listener, even if the aura is at times fairly spellbinding and hypnotic which is, perhaps, the record’s greatest shortcoming.

Production: Crude and unassuming, it exposes an acutely indiscernible drum sound, though, occasionally, it allows room for reverberation to breathe distinctively.

Parting Thoughts: Spectre is restricted, primeval and cracker barrel in structure, yet, every so often, it ensnares with its ambience and fathomless echoing, aspects certainly revered by its target listeners.


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